10 Apr 2014

Vegetable Thai red curry

Vegetarian Thai red curry

I think I have mentioned before that Thai is one of my absolute favourite cuisines. I just love the explosion of flavours and freshness that most Thai dishes have. I also love the abundance of vegetarian dishes in this cuisine. I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Thailand! It’s… Continue reading »

02 Apr 2014

Quinoa and chickpea burgers

Quinoa and chickpea burgers

One thing I’ve struggled with in the kitchen for a long time was being able to make the perfect vegan burger patty. I tried a few times and failed miserably. I just couldn’t manage to get the balance of flavours or texture right. But I never gave up! Most recipes… Continue reading »

27 Mar 2014

Banana caramel smoothie

Banana caramel smoothie

I’ve only recently started using mesquite powder after seeing it listed as an ingredient in many recipes, I thought I’d give it a go. For those who don’t know mesquite is a plant that has been eaten for centuries by indigenous people in North and parts of South America. It… Continue reading »

13 Mar 2014

Oven baked sweet potato chips

Oven baked sweet potato chips

I can definitely say sweet potato is on my top 5 list of favourite veggies. And for such a long time I have been on a mission to make the perfect oven-baked sweet potato chips. I tried so many times and failed so many times. My chips always came out… Continue reading »

04 Mar 2014

Raw chia kheer

Chia kheer

Last week I had the pleasure to attend a raw desserts workshop with Maz Valcorza at Sadhana Kitchen. Sadhana was the first ever raw vegan cafe in Sydney and they serve up some amazing raw dishes including lots of delicious desserts. This recipe was one of the ones we learned… Continue reading »

22 Feb 2014

Açaí bowl with homemade granola

Açaí bowl with granola

It is so crazy how this little superberry from the Amazon, called açaí, has become so popular in the recent years. Açaí bowls have been consumed in my home country Brazil for ages though. And back when I was still living there, like 10 years ago, when I still was… Continue reading »

20 Feb 2014

Super quick and easy spicy tomato relish

Spicy tomato relish

I know it’s easy to just buy sauces in jars, and there are a lot of good ones out there. But when you make your own sauce or relish at home it just tastes so much better. Besides most sauces you get from the shops are loaded with sugars or… Continue reading »

16 Feb 2014

Sweet potato brownies with sour cherries

Sweet potato brownies

This recipe has been in my list of “foods to try” for a long time. I don’t know why it took me so long to make it! I really didn’t know what I was missing. I first came across this recipe on Deliciously Ella a while back and thought it… Continue reading »